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India's First Government Approved Cordyceps Producer
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Largest Producer and Distributor of Cordyceps Militaris



  • Cordyceps militaris (Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao) is a potential source of herbal cures.
  • Cordyceps militaris has been medicinal since ancient times alongside Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Caterpillar fungus). There are more than 400 recorded species of Cordyceps, including Cordyceps militaris.
  • Cordyceps militaris is a source of bio-metabolites for herbal medicines.
  • Cordyceps militaris is a type of mushroom (fungus) that comes under the family Clavicipitaceae. The term Cordyceps is derived from Latin words that mean club and head, defining the body of this fungus.
  • It is mainly found in South America, North America, Asia, and Europe. In India, it is produced artificially or found naturally.


  • We are India’s largest and very first producer of 100% organically made Vitamin D supplements.
  • Our expertise is in conforming large-scale production of gluten-free and vegan Vitamin D which is free of any artificial colours or preservatives.
  • We are capable of producing almost 18 billion tablets yearly and meet the demand for Vitamin D in India and around the world.
  • We produce high-quality Vitamin D supplements at an affordable cost.
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We are the largest producer and distributor of Cordyceps militaris Ambrosiya Neo-Medicine is an innovative food and natural ingredient manufacturing firm founded in 2017 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (India).

  • We are leading manufacturers of mushroom-based food products in India. With the help of pure culture, rigorous clinical research & development, we have produced Cordyceps militaris high in Cordycepin level.
  • We have also bolstered the contract farming, farmer education, process & supply of our food products across the globe to fulfill our vision to provide healthy food ingredients to everyone.
  • Five years of experience in Cordyceps farming and developing research-based products has made us one of India’s best innovative manufacturing companies.

Food Safety & Standard Regulations 2022

India's New Fortification Mandate: Choose Vegan Vitamin D3

Recent updates to India’s Food Safety and Standards, as of February 2022, have brought forth significant changes in the fortification of essential food items. Notably, the mandatory fortification of vegetable oil and various milk types demands the inclusion of vital micronutrients, with a special focus on Vitamin D3 sourced from vegan origins.  

As the global landscape changes and with the cessation of certain imports, the need for a reliable domestic source has never been more critical.

Enter ANM. As India’s singular producer of high-quality vegan Vitamin D3, we are uniquely positioned to support businesses in adhering to these new guidelines. ANM’s vegan Vitamin D3 ensures not just compliance with regulations but also promotes a forward-thinking approach to health and sustainability.



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Our Lab Tour

Welcome to our lab tour at Ambrosiya Neo Medicine! Our pioneering facility specializes in the cultivation and development of health products, with a focus on the powerful ingredient Cordyceps.

Our team of experts carefully cultivates this fungus to create a range of effective products that improve energy levels, immune function, and overall well-being.

During the tour, you’ll see our state-of-the-art facilities and witness our commitment to quality and excellence. Come discover the magic of Medicinal mushroom with us!

Quality Control and Priorities :

The top priority of Ambrosiya Neo Medicine is to deliver healthy and safe food products and ingredients. We prioritize providing high-quality and pure food products across the globe. Our products follow high standards for food safety and are lab-tested. We adhere to international food safety guidelines.
Our team of experts monitors the product’s production, processing, operation, and quality. We have advanced laboratories and machinery for high-end product manufacturing. We provide premium packaging techniques to maintain the quality of products.

Research Institutes Involved


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