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A Commitment to Purity: Our Unique Extraction Technology element

We are proud to mention that our extraction technology is patented and unique. Unlike other methods, our process does not utilize any inorganic, synthetic, or alcohol-based solvents. Furthermore, we do not apply any heat during extraction, thereby preserving the potency and purity of our products to the fullest extent. This sets us apart in the market and aligns with a conscious, health-oriented consumer base.

No Heat
No Chemicals
No Alcohol


To provide you with a comprehensive idea of our offerings, We are attaching our complete product catalog. This includes detailed information about the products, their benefits, usage instructions, and more about our unique extraction technology.

  • Lichen-Based Vitamin D3
    - 100,000 IU/gm: $855/Kg
    - 200,000 IU/gm: $1710/Kg
  • Lichen-Based Vitamin D3 + Vitamin A
    - D3 100,000 + A 140,000 IU/gm: $975/Kg
    - D3 200,000 + A 280,000 IU/gm: $1950/Kg
  • Super Activated Cordyceps Militaris Liquid Extract
    (Cordycepin > 18mg/gm + Adenosine > 15mg/gm): $1342/Kg
  • Super Activated Cordyceps Militaris Powder Extract
    (Cordycepin > 8mg/gm + Adenosine > 6mg/gm): $550/Kg
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Vitamin D3 Supplement 

Creating unique formulations of lichen-based vitamin D3 supplements, tailored for specific health needs or demographics, such as children, athletes, or seniors.

Functional Foods and Beverages

Develop fortified food and beverage products, such as vitamin D3-enriched juices, dairy alternatives, and snacks, to offer a convenient way for people to get their daily dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin D-Enriched Clothings

Develop clothing and fabrics that are treated with lichen-based vitamin D3, allowing for passive absorption of the nutrient through the skin while being outdoors.

Children's Gummies and Chews

Produce fun and appealing lichen-based vitamin D3 gummies or chews for children, making it easier for parents to provide essential nutrients in a format kids enjoy.

Pet Supplements

Design lichen-based vitamin D3 supplements for pets, addressing their unique nutritional needs and offering a natural alternative to synthetic options.

Skincare and Cosmetics

Infuse lichen-based vitamin D3 into skincare products like lotions, creams, and serums, promoting its potential benefits for skin health and radiance.

Haircare Products

Create vitamin D3-infused haircare products that claim to support hair health and growth, capitalizing on the nutrient's potential benefits for hair follicle health.

Personalized Nutrition

Offer personalized vitamin D3 supplements based on individuals' genetic makeup, lifestyle, and health goals, utilizing the natural source to cater to individual needs.

Medical Applications

Collaborate with healthcare professionals to develop specialized medical products that incorporate lichen-based vitamin D3 for specific conditions or patient groups.

Sustainable Agriculture

Explore the use of lichen-based vitamin D3 in plant-based fertilizers or soil amendments to promote healthy plant growth and enhance crop yield.



Who We Are?

ANM Health is proud to be India’s first Cordyceps Militaris manufacturer recognized by the Government of India. We hold licenses from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and adhere to stringent quality standards and regulations. Our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged by leading institutions, including AIIMS Nagpur, AIIMS Bhopal, Punjabi University, and MGM Hospital Navi Mumbai, with whom we have conducted successful clinical trials. We are India’s largest and very first producer of 100% organically made Vitamin D supplements. Our expertise is in conforming large-scale production of gluten-free and vegan Vitamin D which is free of any artificial colours or preservatives.

Our Product Catalogue

Get in Touch! 

We believe these products can provide significant value to your business. In the meantime, should any queries arise or if you would like to discuss potential business opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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